Watch Drive

UI/UX and brand
01./credits and goals

Funding, Idea:

Zoltán Kocsispéter


Krisztián Cseh

Project focus.

Watch Drive is an app that focuses on providing a seamless and intuitive experience for users who are driving long distances. It displays real-time data from the user's Apple Watch and iPhone, along with alerts and suggestions for combating fatigue.


I joined the team, when they already had a clear vision for the application. They had already set up a test group of 30 enthusiastic drivers with diverse driving habits, and we used their feedback to continuously improve our prototype. We had a clear vision and data analyizing algorithms, so we decided to move forward with a high-fidelity prototype. Some modifications were needed, but the prototype was a success and the drivers loved it. After development, we continued testing and making small modifications


The main goal of the user interface is to be informative and easy to understand, while minimizing distractions while driving. To achieve this, we used haptic feedback and used vibrant colours and high-contrast elements. We also minimised the number of screens displayed, and showing the most important information on the locked screen to further reduce distractions. One of the biggest challenges was to design the interface in a way that communicates with clear visuals, so it is immediately evident to the user.