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Product designer in
New York City

Data driven creative,
specialized on user interfaces

I have always been creative, which sometimes got me into trouble as a child. As I grew older, I realized that I could channel my creativity into design. At university, I discovered that I was more focused on solving problems than on creating "make it pop" designs. I felt the need to explore the purpose, validation and reason behind every design that I made, which led me to focus more on HCI fundamentals and product design itself.

To create a good brand or an interface, I learned that it is important to see the bigger picture, step back and validate every step. When it comes to creating a good UI, it is essential to measure and evaluate user inputs. These skills, combined with my background in design, enabled me to help clients improve their online presence and achieve their business goals through design.

As a hobby photographer, I’m searching for the beauty and the energy that can emerge from small details of life. I mostly enjoy taking pictures of architecture and urban interactions.

I keep updating this section

- 3D Website using Websockets and ARKit, visionOS sdk
- Chatbot for negotiating medical bills / tickets

Yeepp, it's a duck

Our design collective of four talented individuals from different corners of the globe, united by our passion for creativity and excellence.

Based in New York, we are ready to take on the challenges complex projects. We don’t settle for anything less than quality. Cliché? It is but we choose and curate our projects carefully, so we can showcase our best work to the world.

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My workflow


Design has evolved so quickly in recent years that we have realized we can quantify and measure many aspects of our art-making. Nowadays, validated decision-making is the most essential part of our process. Everything is measured, targeted, and tailor-made for users. If you skip it, you lose it...




But... as a designer, you can’t subordinate creativity to numbers. It’s a beautiful dance that takes years to refine. You have to fit everithing in the picture, step back and validate every process.


So, data is super important. But, we can’t just rely on data alone. We have to use our creativity and instincts too. By making designs that are tailored to what clients and users need, we can come up with some really cool stuff.



Building on a solid fundation

Trust, dedication, and curiosity - these are what I keep in mind when starting a new project. Without them, it is impossible to create scalable and outstanding work.

Brand design

I believe that the most effective way to communicate a company’s values is not just through their logo or social media posts, but through consistent and unique branding. I always aim to build the best possible solution for my clients and help them stand out from the competition.


In recent years, I have shifted my focus to user interface design. For many brands today, it is crucial to have a validated and effective digital presence that fits their brand and generates revenue. UI design encompasses a wide range of digital products, from websites to iOS applications, and plays a vital role in creating a cohesive and engaging user experience.

Product design

As we go from branding to user interfaces, our products can become more complex. These problems require a broader approach, whether is about of launching a new SaaS product or an additional app for a company’s existing product line. That’s why I work with the best people from around the world to provide the best possible solutions and build products that solve real-life problems

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Focusing on UX/UI

Showcasing my best projects focusing on user interfaces

Focusing on Brand

Showcasing my best projects focusing on Brands identites