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Main co-workers who contributed:
Gianlucca Boccia

In my role as a UX/UI designer, I held the responsibility of developing UI systems and design libraries to support internal and portfolio companies on a large scale.

We (me and Gianluca an amazing Italian-American-Designer-Co-Worker and friend)  took the initiative to establish a comprehensive UX framework and introduced a fresh perspective of the UI design importance in the financial industry.

SFP Investor Dashboard - Ux/Ui

The Scope
We were tasked with redesigning the user interface for the SFP Investor Dashboard, a new digital product from Scale Facilitation®. Scale Facilitation® is a financial services company that provides investment opportunities to clients.

Key Problems
The original UI was not very user-friendly, making it difficult for investors to track their portfolios and make informed decisions.

Accessibility Issues: The information architecture was too condensed. We aimed to reduce the cognitive load.
General Usability Issues: The components were complex and confusing, making it difficult to understand how to use them.
Navigation Issues: Users couldn't find what they were looking for.

Internal Research - Defining the Goal
The goal of the redesign was to create an understandable UI that was clear, concise, accessible, and intuitive. The aim was to alleviate the pressure of employee documentation so they could focus on more important tasks.

We conducted interviews and usability tests across our divisions to ensure we could understand and map all of the key problems. The new UI would be designed to meet the needs of investors of all levels of experience, providing them with the information they need to make informed investment decisions:

Improve the readability of the dashboard by using clear and concise text and larger fonts.
Reduce the clutter on the dashboard by using a more consistent design based on the Brand Guidelines.
Make the dashboard more intuitive by using clear and consistent icons and labels.
Improve the functionality of the dashboard, making it easier to use.
Ensure compliance with WCAG accessibility guidelines.

The new UI for the SFP Investor Dashboard was designed to be clear, concise, and intuitive. The result is a intuitive UI that is easy to use and understand, even for investors with limited experience with financial products.

Improved Information Architecture

Firts high fidelity prototype
Evolution of the UI
Recharge Industries
Brand and UI overhaul

With comprehensive market research and insightful focus group interviews, we successfully executed a  product overhaul for Recharge industries. This endeavor encompassed every aspect, from brand identity to user interface, with a primary emphasis on introduction in a new era of battery storage. The result is an exceptional fusion of cutting-edge technology and seamless design, propelling Recharge Industries to the forefront of sustainable energy solutions.

Glia Diagnostics

We undertook a comprehensive brand and website overhaul for our esteemed portfolio company in the biotech sector. They possessed cutting-edge technology capable of detecting concussions from a drop of blood. Our primary objective was to provide them with a refreshed online presence that aligned with the pioneering nature of their work. By crafting a user-friendly and visually appealing website, we effectively showcased their expertise and groundbreaking solutions, solidifying their position as a leader in the industry.

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